The Company

SKePSIS is a Greek Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) addressed mainly to Local Government (SD). It aims to provide specialized, applicable, smart and sustainable proposals for “keys” that will unlock the developmental prospects of Municipalities and Regions.

Today, Local Government is situated in the very uncomfortable position of having to respond to the increased needs of citizens and the requi


rements for development of local communities in conditions of dramatic decline

in revenues and increasingly demanding requirements for participation in strategic development projects and EU funding programs .

SKePSIS main advantage, but also a guarantee for tackling

corresponding challenges, is the high level of scientific training, specialization and our experience in the field of local government. An equally important advantage is the potential partners – network in Greece and the European Union, which was built with confidence during our collaboration.

SKePSIS operates, among others in : providing consultation and integrated solutions in organization and finances of Municipalities and Regions, preparation and formulation of integration strategies and development programs,  seeking alternatives funding sources, providing timely and accurate information, research and drafting proposals for participation in Community initiatives and national programs.

Dr. Rallis GKEKAS

Local Finance

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