Consulting & Supporting Local Authorities

SKePSIS provides a range of services designed according to the needs of each Municipality:

1. Complete Suite of consultative support of Municipality’s economic policy:

That includes:

  • Counseling on the Municipality’s economic strategy and sustainable local development.

  •  Complete, accurate and timely information on national and EU funding programs and – assisting Municipality joining them – assisting partnerships with other European Municipalities.

  • Complete, accurate and timely information on the obligations of each Municipality, based on the requirements of the memorandumcompleting questionnaires.

  • Advisory support to budgetary issues and operational programs – monitoring

  • Support in shaping the local communication strategy and tactics.

  • Training staff and electeID-10094368d representatives

2. Drafting Municipality’s annual and five-year operational program.

3. Reliable and timely information on EU funding programs (new NSRF, Community Initiatives programs launched directly from Brussels).

4. Formulation of development proposals in the framework of National and Community programs. This formulation may includes, among others,  the completion of a technical report and the monitoring of the financial and physical object.

5. Monitoring Municipality’s finances and the completion of their financial statements and their annual balance sheets.

6. Training citizens, staff and elected representatives and searching for relevant resources from national and EU funds (Lifelong Learning Program)